Provocative Iranians

Iranian Free Will
It is sad, so sad, that we Iranians just cannot do, what every human being on Earth has managed to do. Why is it, that we cannot just talk to each other, about having a peaceful union? Surely if we Iranians, talked about peace and love amongst each other, we can overcome anything, especially anything that wants to take away our Iranian Free Will.

So have you looked around you, to see if you and your fellow neighbour get along? You probably know that you care for each other. Now why not think that the whole of Iran can agree the same way? We can then peacefully unite. That unity is a mighty force. A unity based on peace, that would be able to oppose hatred.

Hate Ideal
There are in Iran people who promote hate. They will tell you about a certain ideal, that you have to believe in. You will ignore your Free Will, and be forced to submit to what they call ‘Ideal’. They will tell you, to forget your Iranian side, and follow them. But you can spot them, and ask them a few questions they cannot answer. Your chance to sort your own problems has arrived. You do not need anyone else.

Passive Resistance
The world cannot sort out Iran’s problems. The world will defend itself, but it cannot change Iran. People like you and the people of Iran, showed passive resistance by ignoring the Seyyeds, with the low turnout in the Seyyed’s elections. So you hit the Seyyeds, and they are worried. They are feeling provoked, but it needs to get worse. You need to talk more.

Iranian First
The people of Iran must talk more about the Iranian Spirit of Peace and Human Rights, as it exists in our oldest books like Zend Avesta to Hafez. We are all children of Zoroaster and Cyrus the Great. We are no different than Ferdowsi. We feel the Iranian Peace in our hearts. We love to be Iranian first.

Economic Engine
To be an Iranian first, is to not foul Iran’s Holy Land with blood. So we Iranians cannot wage war, but we can talk about stopping the economic engine of Iran. Yes you can talk to your neighbour, and tell him how you can beat the Seyyed Empire, with just the talk about a Non Violent Resistance.

The Best
NVR has saved so many countries, and it will save Iran. Yes it will, but I need you to talk about it. Please show the world that your Spirit does not believe in dying or killing. Tell me you Love Life. Tell me you wish the best for your mind; that you wish the best in your bonds; that you wish the best in your actions.

Anger Management
With this positive attitude, you will put Iran’s Spirit first, and wish no harm. You will convince even the most angry Seyyed, that you can take his anger. Remember how the Hindus took the anger of the British and they left. Gandhi provoked the British aliens peacefully. We Iranians can do the same.

We Iranians face the horror of an alien war on our Holy Land. Think that the land you walk on is precious. Feel that it was once the most civilized land on Earth. The soil was never wasted or ruined with death or pollution. Respect for our mother Earth made it the wealthiest land on Earth. Look at Damavand, and know that it gave strength to both Rostam’s arms and Hafez’s mind. You feel the same. You are Iranian.


Iranians ignoring Seyyeds’ Rent-a-Crowds

Not to zoom in
The Seyyeds in Iran, long ago, realised that their religious dogma did not wash any more with the secular masses of Iran. Ironically they have to use nationalism in the form of nuclear rights. Unfortunately the world media, especially the BBC, refuses not to zoom in with their TV cameras, on Seyyed’s rent-a-crowds. Also the neocons all over the world use this propaganda to foster their global domination paranoia. So the world remains under the false belief; that 70 million Iranians are die-hard mad Islamist Fascists living under the stern rule of Seyyeds.

No blood needed
So what can real secular Iranians, who believe in Free Will, Iranian cultural matters, and economic survival, do to make the world media more aware of their plight against the Seyyeds? Maybe they should organize rent-a-crowds of their own, and try to catch the BBC camera’s eye? Maybe just maybe that will discredit the Seyyeds in Iran? Unfortunately many rent-a-crowds, or actually genuine secular Iranian crowds, have been disrupted by Seyyeds’ thugs, and a lot of blood was spilled on the Holy Land of Iran. We Iranians cannot afford to have blood on the streets in this regime change. Enough!

Ignore TV
But there is another way, and I am glad to say, it is a much safer way. The people of Iran, must continue to talk of the power of Non Violent Resistance, but not from street marches. Big brother or TV and its media controls the world media, and the secular Iranians are paying a high price for it. Don’t for one minute think that the world media tycoons cannot change the regime in Iran if they wanted to. Who would have thought that the mightiest military of the Middle East could be so easily overcome in 1978-1979 Seyyed uprising against the national character of Iran? So they can do it now. But they won’t.

But nowadays it is different. Thanks to the Internet, people can express and show their dissent against the media via Blogs and personal web spaces. We all know the huge presence of Iranian Opposition via the Internet. It is however very difficult to create a physical face to face resistance like street wars via the Internet. But the Internet generation of Iran has pushed forward something completely different. It is called ‘inaction’. The Iranian people are not participating in Seyyed gatherings. Even the old uneducated superstitious generations know better. But you won’t see a TV documentary on it.

Inaction, defiance, and total disregard for anything the Seyyeds in Iran want of the secular Iranian population, worked in the last “Ayatollah elections”. The little black man, as Nostradamus calls him, is now cornered. Nostradamus mentioned that he would drop a bomb near Israel in the Mediterranean and his proxies there did just that with Iran’s oil fund. But now his proxies much nearer to Iran in the Basij army that get a hefty portion of the oil fund, abstained from that pathetic election. The Basij did not turn out in lorry loads to vote. Hooray apathy rules, and inaction has made good progress against the Seyyeds.

Apathy wins against Seyyeds
So it is with sincere pleasure, that I feel that the people of Iran have finally dissolved the Islamic virus from their brains, by not giving their hearts and minds to the alien Seyyed rulers of Iran. So The Good Spirit is there. The people are talking more and more about the power of apathy. So The Good Words Spirit is there as well. They have seen the simple and yet immensely powerful force apathy can have on zealots. So The Good Deeds Spirit is starting to make headway. Ignore them more my fellow country men and women. Just ignore them, and let them not have on iota of your Iranian attention. Do not participate in their rituals. But do talk about the new force of apathy, and the Spirit of Iran will overwhelm these death wishers, whose only pleasure is to recruit suicide bombers.

Open talk
Once the true secular Iranian people can talk openly, like I do to you, about lack of participation, then the world will realise that the people of Iran are not made of angry masses, easily roused by alien dogma. Do Iranians need foreign governments’ help? Not really. I sound a bit vague, because I really do not expect the news media to question the Seyyeds grass roots support. The news media can be bought, and a lot of Iran’s oil income goes toward keeping the likes of BBC, AP, Reuters, and AFX to shut up, and not show the real Iranians feeling towards the alien Seyyeds.

The question to ask
So what do you want the world media to say that they are not saying Ali Mostofi? That is what I hear you saying? Well, I want you Mr Editor to ask the question from the authorities illegally occupying the Peacock Throne and Majlis, what they would do if the people decided not to participate. This question is along the same hypothetical lines, as the question (that you keep asking the zealots), of what they would do in case there is a US attack. That question has managed to raise the temperature, and drive up oil prices on the exchanges. Just look at how well this little man’s big mouth has managed to raise the oil price for no reason at all. If the world media had asked other scenarios from the little man, then maybe he would not be standing on his empty tin pot for so long.

Will of God vs Spirit of Iranians
So if the world press joined me, and asked the tin pot rulers of Iran, what could you do to stop a General Strike, then the very question will ensue a debate that will really embarrass them like never before in history of Islam, and in particular of Seyyeds. After all, they are supposed to have the “Will” of God behind them. How come the people of Iran, have managed to go against that “Will” so well? Can it be that the Spirit of Iran, is more powerful than any make belief dogma? But will the world media, have the charity to ask the zealots these questions, because we do not have any real opposition leader in Iran, with loads of spare cash to pay the world media to spread that idea?

Who will fight for Iran?

Who will fight for Iran? It is not an easy answer.

At the moment, Seyyeds run Iran, propagating their Empire. Their self-acclaimed moral prerogative, is that they are related to Halabi Qureshi (aka Mohammed), who himself was brought to world attention, thanks to the abdication of the High Priest of Iran in the 7th Century AD to Christianity and then eventually to Halabi Qureshi. Ancient Iranian mythology (referred to by Christian historians as Zoroastrianism), speaks of an Iranian traitor; that creates a new revolution and overthrows the Iranian Empire; but much later is overthrown by a true Iranian.

The next word in the question is “will”. The word “will” immediately links ones mind to “will power”. The inspiration behind will power has to be Iranian, and there we see the Iranian nation reading Ferdowsi to be inspired with Iranian nationality. This is the will power, that drives an Iranian to be Iranian, and its roots are from a Zoroastrian book called Khodayenamak. There are many other Iranian poets and philosophers that came after Ferdowsi, but it was he who had the will power to resurrect the “Iranian Will Power” as it were.

The word “fight” immediately brings on the impression of weapons and war. Whilst in today’s world people fight with ideas, and the opposition overcomes dictatorship with massive non violent demonstrations and general strikes. That is not war with swords, that is war with words. Just count the number of real Iranians that participated in the latest Seyyed so called “elections” in Iran. Moreover the war of words by Iranian Bloggers is running circles around the Seyyed media in Iran. So real Iranians are winning against the alien Seyyeds in Iran right now.

“For” is the hardest word in the question. So many Iranians who are against the Seyyeds end up fighting for Seyyeds if Iran was attacked. They did so in the Iran-Iraq war. Iranians died in that war, not Seyyeds. But if the definition of “For” is Iran, then one can say that real Iranians are fighting in a non violent way for Iran from within Iran right now. Everywhere you go you will find the Seyyeds trying to intervene, but are circumvented by real Iranians. So much of the Iranian way of life has been sabotaged, and the economy is drained by Seyyeds’ overspending in the nuclear industry, that real Iranians are openly and overtly criticising the Seyyeds. A massive peace movement “For” Iran to prevent a war for Seyyeds needs to be developed.

What is Iran? It is called in the Zend-Avesta as Eran-e-Vitch and it sounds Russian doesn’t it. And old Iranian culture is much closer to the culture surrounding the Caspian Sea, than the culture around the Persian Gulf. The oldest inhabitants of Iran come from as far back as anywhere in the world. Yes, we in Iran have archaeological roots from what the archaeologists call the Olduwan in Kasharfud. And it is not surprising to find, that our ancient myth talks of our first rulers inventing the tools for civilization like fire and clothing. So the word Iran can be in itself have the meaning of the root of human civilization.

The question mark is perhaps the most interesting part of the whole sentence. Are there those of us, who are not focused on Iran properly? Some see Iran politically, religiously, or economically, and at the end lose sight of what it really is. They will raise too many questions and no answers. They are too cynical, because they do not have a belief system based on Iran. Only Iranians that have faith in the story of Iran or the Spirit; that is behind the story of Iran; will see the future of Iran; be part of it; and make a new Iran happen in an Iranian way. Others will remain cynical and lose interest over time.

Iranians must ignore US election

With most of the vote in, it seems that with the conservative Democrats taking charge of the House, ironically GWB will actually have agreement in certain areas like Immigration. The only real challenge to GWB will be San Fransiconian politics of Liberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Iranians will need her help to fight for women’s rights in Iran. As the most Liberal Democrat she will have to keep the sanity of United States in the challenging times ahead. Go Nancy hit GWB hard! But alas, and ironically she has the most conservative bunch of Democrats she has had to deal with.

So Centre Politics is King, and the moderates are now in charge. Extremism is off the table, unless it is provoked by some incident like 9/11. And we don’t really know what the oil companies and the military machine will cook up for the US. You all know the conspiracy theories; from US sinking their own ships to whateva, blaming it on Islamists etc etc, because the Islamists could not do it anyway. But with the US military machine facing cut backs and some Democrats talking about impeaching GWB, these theories can become reality.

And so I say, we Iranians have to ignore the Americans. We are a nation of our own, and we need to not get caught up, in the what if’s. Remember how Iranians got suckered by the Republicans, thinking that they would have the US engage the Islamists very soon. And what happened? Nothing. Every day Iranians outside Iran get up and wish, “oh let’s hope that the Russians or Chinese side with the EU and US, and everyone bashes the mad mullah in the head, and kicks them out.” This is the classical posh Iranians’ living abroad mentality. And because of that, the antithesis it produces, is the no frills Islamist Iranians in Iran, who fell for Ahmadinejad. So at one extreme you have the modern Iranians like the Crown Prince, and at the other end Mesbah Yazdi. But they both react to US politics. None try to motivate the silent majority of Iranians. And the key word is motivate. The Crown Prince has a duty to run the Royal Institution, but he is not doing anything in a focused practical way. The Iranian Opposition has not come together in a coordinated way as I have stated.

What have I stated? And is it new? Nothing is new in this game. Zoroaster and Cyrus the Great said it thousands and thousands of years ago. And do any of the so called “Leaders of Iran” say anything along the line of non violent regime change everyday? Not one of them does. How many articles have we Iranians written about non violent regime change? I have, but who else? Shame on all editors and all the Iranian Bloggers and anyone who is interested in the future of Iran if they do not talk about peaceful regime change. More people are interested in how Iran does in global politics, than taking direct action towards non violent regime change by themselves.

So I say to the people of Iran, especially those rich Iranians in sunny California. For the sake of Iran think about what I have said. Talk to all your relatives and friends about non violent regime change. Forget about what US politics is. We Iranians must handle our own affairs ourselves in our own civilized way. Take your first action. Argue about the how we are going to change Iran so that our children can live with the Islamists’ children. Yes as Gandhi and all passive movement people have said, we have to win the peace. So start with a discussion about peace. Engage a conversation about how weak the Islamists are if the people of Iran go on a General Strike.

If you are an editor of an Iranian newspaper, I hope you really not sleep tonight if you do not think about how many people have not learnt from you, the benefits of General Strike and non violent regime change. The people of Iran must write as many articles about national peace for Iran. Iranian Love is stronger than Islam. Our culture is deeper than any other principle, and we can use it to show how civilized we really are. We have our own poets and philosophers, that bind us in our Iranian way. It is with these ideas that we can bind the people and show that we can resist working for the alien Islamist slave drivers, and be able to not feel guilty when we remove them in a civilized way without any harm to them.


The Burning Question for Iranians

Interesting statement in Global Politician.

The burning question of why Iran is not yet free, can perhaps answered here: Iranian’s future it is what we make of it. Until people understand that becoming an regime opponent is not just about having differences of opinion with the regime but requires working together toward a common goal of regime change, Iran will continue its regression to a medieval pariah, with nuclear capability, in the eyes of much of the civilized world. Quite frankly, maybe some Iranians both inside and outside Iran are not ready for change because they don’t portray themselves in the political game as willing to seize the opportunity to make the right move. If the so-called opposition were willing to put their own agenda and personal pride on the back burner and practice some of the slogans they shout at their meetings, we wouldn’t still be writing about the future of Iran nearly three decades after the Mullahs came to power.

Iran’s Past is key to Peaceful Regime Change

Iranians are a very old nation and our culture, and our astrologers recognised Christ. So do not mix us up with the Islamists or Hezbollah.

We had in Iran a Magi in Iran that did not like the spread of Christianity in the 7th Century and wanted to change the Iranian philosophy which was more akin to I-Ching and Taoism, called dualistic Zoroastrianism.

He learnt from a Christian Priest what the origins of Judaism and Christianity were, and later went and found a descendant of Abraham’s first son from his second wife. Salman Parsi or Salman Al-Farsi then told Halabi Qureshi (Koreishi) aka Mohammed, that he is the most honorable man in Arabia, and enlightened him to conquer all.

Most of you know about the rest. So If you please be careful when you speak of Iranians. We are the oldest Empire in the world, and our culture is much more sophisticated than most know.

The Jews were released by Cyrus the Great, and Jesus Christ was primarily respected because the Iranian Magi predicted his birth and respected him.

The trouble we have now can be only solved if the world allowed the people of Iran to learn that they can have non violent change if they went on a General Strike.

If the mad Islamist Fascists were brought into conversation about how weak they are in face of General Strike, then they would fall apart. So we need to pop a silly question like “what would you do if the secular Iranian people decided to stay in their pyjamas for a week?

Iranian Constitutional Revolution

It is on this day, that the Iranians took the very first step in modern times, towards democracy in what is known as the Iranian Constitutional Revolution. Of course Iranians have known democracy from a long time ago. The sacred book of Iranians, the Zend-Avesta, refers to choice and liberty in society.

The Iranian Constitutional Revolution (also Persian Constitutional Revolution and Constitutional Revolution of Iran) took place between 1905 and 1911. The revolution marked the beginning of end of Iran’s feudalistic society and led to the establishment of a parliament in Persia.

Persian Constitutional Revolution was the first event of its kind in the Middle East. The Revolution opened the way for cataclysmic change in Persia, heralding the modern era. It saw a period of unprecedented debate in a burgeoning press. The revolution created new opportunities and opened up seemingly boundless possibilities for Persia’s future. Many different groups fought to shape the course of the Revolution, and all sections of society were ultimately to be in some way changed by it. The old order, which Nasser-al-Din Shah Qajar had struggled for so long to sustain, finally passed away, to be replaced by new institutions, new forms of expression, and a new social and political order.